Whispered Promises

There is a crispness in the air
While dew blankets the earth.
The birds call out
As they flutter busily all around.

My mind ponders the question…
Do they trust as they go busily about?
Or do they, too, wonder
Why spring seems no where to be found?

The days have grown longer,
An assurance,
That warmer, brighter days are coming.
Promises are whispered in the air.

Water ripples gently in the breeze,
No longer held captive amongst a sheet of ice,
Capable now of reflecting
The sun’s dancing glare.

Pollen and dandelion seeds blow gently
Amongst a backdrop
Of beautiful, vibrant colors.
The flowers have commenced their bloom.

But the cold and the wind seem to remain,
Leaving one to wonder…
Will this time draw to a close?
There remains a stark reminder of winter’s chilling gloom.


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