A Warm Breath Blowing

I feel it.

A breath blowing warmly in the breeze.

There’s a voice, a whisper of something being born…

Something new on the horizon.

Radiant beams shine down from the heavens.

The light, a presence continuing to extend by mere moments…

Lasting just a bit longer day after day.

The wind blows so strongly at times.

It clears the old…

Leaves dance and tumble, the ground is left bare for the sun to shine upon.

Light penetrates the darkness, extends beneath to arouse the tiny seeds.

They grow giddy in their eagerness to begin anew…

A fresh start…

It’s their chance to shine…

I witness the colorful blossoms bursting forth to meet the morning.

Water falls to feed and nurture the new life.

The water seems a bit much at times, but oh so necessary for growth.

It’s the start of a new season…

It’s a season of new life…

It’s a life, rich with hope…

Hope for precious new beginnings…

Don’t fail to take in the beauty of all that is changing around you. Don’t be afraid to follow the whispers and the small voices, even if their words feel intimidating and like they lead into the “Great Unknown.”

The flowers burst forth, no fears. They don’t know what lies atop their soil. Rain, nourishment? Drought and frost? They just do what they have been designed to do, and their beauty shines for all to see.


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