The River Flows

Life pours down from up above,

Or seeps from deep below

Once the river comes to be

It persists to always flow

From high up in the mountain tops

It winds and snakes and curves

Carving a path, making room

Trenching into the earth.

It kisses the banks as it makes its trek

From mountain to the sea

Corks and fish, toes and tubes,

A most pleasant place to be.

It passes fields, it passes farms

Cities, parks, and hills

Running under an expanding bridge

No thought of standing still

Not rocks or logs or sticks…

Nothing gets in its way

Cascading down, down, down

In a river kind of way

Dam it up, to control the surge

A relentless battle of will

always striving to break free,

trickle through its attempt is still

Mother’s love, it never ends

Like a river, it just flows…

And flow it must from when it begins


Flowing is all it knows




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