No Room

A great distance they had traveled.

The time was drawing near.

To Bethlehem, they ventured.

A baby would soon appear.


You cannot stay. Every room is full.

I’m sorry, you must leave.

There is no place for you…wait, let me think…

There may be something, please do not grieve.


This is a place to rest your head.

You can shelter here for the night.

It’s not a room; I have no bed.

But it shall do until morning’s light.


Settled into a stable, snug and warm,

it was a modest little spot.

On this night, a child is born.

Great riches, he has naught.


His arrival in this world was humble.

He shared his haven with cattle and sheep.

A manger of hay was the crib for this babe,

but the blessings He brought would run deep.


Mother wraps her child so gently.

To her heart, she cuddles him near.

On this night a host of angels are singing,

at last, our King is here.


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