I awake in the morning,

sweep the stardust away.

All night, in the light

of the moon, I have played.

The crickets serenaded

with a chorus so sweet

that out from the forest

ventured new friends to greet.

I danced with the fairies

and drank tea with the elves.

We laughed and played games.

I was my frolicsome self.

Our dance floor, the ground,

damp with sweet-smelling dew.

A canopy of fireflies twinkling,

as an owl hoots his “Who-whoo?”

“Who dares to disturb the stillness of night?”

Though he perches quite closely

because the event brings him delight.

The time quickly comes to bid all a farewell.

We must begin the trek back

to the homes where we dwell.

Toadstools and hollows,

for some, nests in the trees.

I wave to them soundlessly

and myself start to leave.

My wonder is caught by a bright shooting star.

I catch it, hop on,

and we sail off so far.

Circling the world,

this radiant star and I,

before returning me home

because daylight is nigh.

It tumbles me softly on my waiting bed.

I grab my plump pillow

and rest my wonder-filled head.

Mother enters the room and kisses my cheek.

She bids me good morning,

“How well did you sleep?”

“Sleep?  I didn’t sleep.

I dreamed not one dream.”

She looks at me kindly

and soaks in my smile’s gleam

She lovingly brushes my curls from my eyes

as I remove that one last bit of stardust,

and following her lead, I arise…




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