In the Breeze

I hear a rustling behind me.

I turn to see a tiny leave tumbling,

rolling in the breeze,


Are You in the breeze?

Are You in that little leaf…rushing to catch up?

Are You behind me?

As I go about the day in such a hurry,

not slowing long enough to know where You are leading,

am I moving too fast to see…

Are You following,

hustling, bustling,

longing to stay with me?

I should slow…

I should slow and allow YOU to lead,

me to follow.

You should never be behind me.

May the only ones I find behind me

be the littles that I am nurturing.

I am raising them to find You

in their hearts…

in the breeze.

Once they do, I will step aside

and allow You to take lead of their hearts.

Please, now,

let me yield to Your will.

Lead me…


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