Here I am…

no glass slippers,

no fancy gown,

nary a woodland creature.

My make-up is far from perfect…

non-existent most days.

My hair, usually a messy bun.

My speech, rarely eloquent.

Discouragement often follows me around

like a dark cloud.

Sometimes others judge me,

though I follow the path that I know is true.




Then I remember…

I am the daughter of a king,

the King of all kings.

I am a princess.

Cloaked in grace,

I straighten my crown,

hold my head high.

With one foot in front of the other

I boldly step out into the world,

adorned in a gown of glory…

my smile.

It expands the width of my face

it flows into and out of my soul.

I begin to emanate love and kindness.

With my father at my side,

I can do anything.

No one…


can stop me.


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