To conform is to be invisible
like a child hiding,
hands over eyes,
lost behind the mask of illusion,
blending in,
The real YOU is gone,
but where?
No individuality,
no unique qualities,
nothing that says to the world…I am ME!
I am special.
YOU are special.
Don’t conform…
be transformed.
Renew your mind,
your spirit.
Be the face that shines.
Be the voice that is heard.
Be the heart that lives,
your very best YOU!
Let your light shine through,
and make the world a more colorful place.
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No Room

A great distance they had traveled.

The time was drawing near.

To Bethlehem, they ventured.

A baby would soon appear.


You cannot stay. Every room is full.

I’m sorry, you must leave.

There is no place for you…wait, let me think…

There may be something, please do not grieve.


This is a place to rest your head.

You can shelter here for the night.

It’s not a room; I have no bed.

But it shall do until morning’s light.


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Frosted Wonderland

Frosted breath blows from your lips as you exhale from deep belly laughs
Snowflakes flutter and fall on your lashes as your eyes dance with merriment and delight
The white that collects on the ground is as pure as your childish innocence
Snow on tongue, sweet refreshment, leaving you longing for more
Angels on my lawn, reminders of the joyous escapade of that magical moment
When you burst forth with such youthful exhilaration
Into the mystical wonderland
May that memory etch itself into my heart and mind
And last a lifetime


a story to tell
not with lips
no need for vocal expression
illustrated with the voice
of exemplified motion
grace, poise
her soul sings
through the very movement
of her feet
his body speaks
in twists and turns
full of description
overflowing emotion
Pas de deux…
a dance for two
leaps of faith
as two hearts beat in unison
To dance…
to convey a message
in each gesture
every plié
Our eyes hear the unsaid words…
and we feel their stories.