Grateful Heart

I am thankful for…

happy things

like new life and new love

sad things

like saying goodbye, but knowing we will meet again

silly things

like childish giggles

loud things

like rolling thunder

soft things

like a pillow for my head

crunchy things

like fall leaves beneath my feet

warm things

like socks on my toes

magical things

like the imagination of a child

cold things

like crisp winter mornings

bright things

like the early morning sun

practical things

like running water

hard working things

like a husband, caring for his family

kind things

like a stranger who lends a hand

gentle things

like a slow-moving brook

yummy things

like chocolate chip cookies

colorful things

like the flowers of spring

miraculous things

like when a heart first starts beating

furry things

like a playful little puppy

creepy things

like a spider that spins such a majestic web

musical things

like an orchestra full of song

beautiful things

like rainbows and mountains

ugly things

like hopping little toads

broken things

like silence with a baby’s first cry…

Gratitude is my gift to God

in return for His never-ending blessings.

What more do I have,

that is truly mine to give,

than the gift of a grateful heart?



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