They Say We’re Cousins

They say we’re cousins

I’m not really sure what that means

You are pretty

And fun

We like all the same things

Except for bugs

Why don’t you like bugs?

We both wear the same style

They say it’s mismatched

Whatever that means

We’re both the same kind of cool

No…we are AWESOME

They think we don’t know stuff

They need to know

That we know

That we are awesome

And that fairies are real

They say we’re loud…

Yes, of course, we’re loud

Did I mention that we are awesome?

Oh, the fun times we have together

You’ve got my back, I’ve got yours

Our little secrets…don’t tell them

I need you, you need me

We are as close as close can be

They say we’re cousins

I say we’re friends

And, for the record…

Bugs are cool


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