Legos for ice skates
Cookie sheet sleds
Plastic food dinners
Moon walking on beds
Tiny mommy with babies
Stuffed dogs at the vet
Riding stick horses
In the wild, wild west
Backyard safari
Zip lines through the sky
Bicycles are cars
Or they’re dragons that fly
Swinging in treetops
Across monkey bars
Rocket ship boxes
Swings reaching the stars
Barbies have voices
Bath time’s in the sea
Closets have monsters,
scared of daddy
Pirates boats sail
And sticks become swords
Princesses have tea parties
When only water is poured
Fairy wings help you
run fast in the breeze
During this time when
you keep scraped up knees
Childhood’s a blessing
may it pass very slow
Don’t rush it my child,
Take your time as you grow.
Yesterday, conversing with
my Imaginary friend,
“May I never reach a time when
my imagination must end”


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