Sometimes I feel a disconnect,

like we’re growing far apart.

It’s nothing that I’ve wanted,

and it tears into my heart

Distance slowly creeps in

and leaves an ugly gap,

whether we share a roof above

or live across the map.

Spouse of mine…

You come home in the evenings,

we eat, shower, sleep.

Sometimes we don’t see each other

as we go through the motions that we keep.

There’s not much time for me and you.

We cross paths here and there.

Please know my “I do” still rings true

even if it’s only a quick kiss that we share.

Dear family…

The roads are long and winding.

We don’t see each other much.

While telephones and video chats are nice,

I miss feeling your touch

Holidays and birthdays seem so far apart.

Even when we are separate,

you are constantly in my heart


What’s a conversation?

It’s something that we lack.

I always intend to follow through

when I say I’ll call you back.

Playdates are so valuable;

I need you, you’re my friends.

It seems as soon as we get together,

the time so quickly ends.

To all of you…

My heart is full because of you…

your life, to me a gift.

Your voice and smile, your presence…

can, my spirts, quickly lift

May I always make an effort,

not let life get in the way,

to let you know how very much

you’re treasured every day.


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