Evenly Different

I love you evenly different…

that’s how you are; you’re not the same.

If I want your brother to answer,

would I call him by your name?

Can your deep, baby blues melt me

when your eyes are piercing green?

If you had not the voice, but the artist’s hand,

would I love the songs you sing?

Does your timid, shyness long for my comfort

if you are daring and so bold?

Would I get lost in your exuberant stories

when you prefer ones my voice told?

Can we enjoy relaxing indoors

if your soul yearns to explore the out?

Would we dance and sing and giggle,

when quiet play is what you’re about?

Can I love your soft and gentle character,

when a world conqueror you are?

Can I love your neat and tidy

if you favor scattered near and far?

Would I plan for tea and cookies

if bucking broncos, you prefer?

Would I get a bouncy, barking dog,

since you love a kitten’s purr?

You see, my children, you are not the same,

though in my eyes, you are magnificent.

All my children are loved, yes each…

I just love you all evenly different.





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