What is a Mom?

A poem that I wrote for my mom’s birthday…

What is a mom?
She’s a leader. She’s a guide.
She is the track that helps hold you onto life’s roller coaster ride.
Mom’s support, it is always just right.
Her love carries you through the toughest of days.
Like her arms once cradled you safely at night,
She comforts in the gentlest ways.
She is the earthly model of unconditional love,
accepting you even at your worst.
Always stirring in counsel and discipline,
because your pain causes her so much hurt.
Your tears cut her deeply.
And she celebrates your every success…
even when the successes seem so small
and you feel it was not even your best.
When you are young, she is your shelter from storms.
Not much changes after you are grown.
She’s your friend,
your biggest fan.
She’s the shoulder you can always cry on.
Mom’s hand is the one yours never outgrows.
She’s always there for her child.
She’ll listen to your venting,
but let you know when thoughts are quite wild.
When you look in her eyes, she’s what you long to be.
She has poured into you all that she knows.
You are her past, her present, her forever…
in her heart wherever she goes.
She’s the person you take for granted at times,
but she still never lets you down.
As long as she draws breath and can keep going on,
she will strive for you never to frown
I pray that’s the mom that I will be.
And it likely will be so…
If I strive to be like the mom I was blessed to have,
the greatest woman my heart will ever know.

Happy Birthday, Mama!


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