Crazy Sister

There’s not much in this world that’s crazier than a sister…

She’s crazy loud, but crazy snuggly when it’s quiet time.

Crazy fun, and crazy frightful…

don’t make her mad.

She’s crazy moody, but crazy giggly.

Crazy bossy, and crazy needy…

not always admitting when she’s lonely.

She’s crazy mean, but oh so crazy loving.

A sister has got your back, BUT…

she may also get you while your back is turned.

Remember, she’s crazy…

She’s the one that will share your lip gloss, toothbrush, and socks…without always asking.

She will loan you her sweater, but “borrow” your necklace while you’re not looking.

She’s a hand to hold and a shoulder to lean on when your heart is broken.

She’s going to make you crazy mad, but you can’t live without her…it would make you crazy.

She’s going to love you all her days…

She’s your crazy sister, now and always.


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