You First Made Me a Mommy

You first made me a mommy

just a short, long time ago.

I remember well the day we met,

my heart commenced an overflow.

I longed and dreamed and prayed for you.

Would there be a little you for me?

We sought, I cried, we asked some more,

I feared you would never be.

I was no stranger to uncertainty,

familiar with the fear of never.

Words cannot describe how empty…

Would this feeling stay with me forever?

Early morning, a tiny, faint line…

prayers answered in a miraculous way.

A new adventure starting now,

my life forever changed that day.

Doctors, needles, pricks, and scans…

it was an overwhelming whirlwind.

There were still more fears and what-ifs,

but oh, the joy when your tiny heart began.

That amazing sound, pulsing so fast…

Is there a sweeter sound? I can think of none.

I diligently worked to get a nursery all set.

I was so ready for you, little one.

We’ve spent all your firsts together;

many are my firsts too.

I’ve made mistakes along the way.

Forgive me, please.  Will you?

You’ve got a spunk, a care-free spirit

that sometimes I just don’t understand.

What makes you tick?  How does that little mind work?

Your drum plays in your own little band.

We are so very different,

but in many ways, you are just like me.

We may not always see eye to eye,

but my baby, you will always be.

May you grow and mature, but stay just you.

Please change for absolutely no one.

Your passion, your determination, your enthusiasm…

My child, you have the potential to shine like the sun.


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