Windmill…wind’s will

That tall, standing tower can feel the wind blow…
With each gust, round, round, round its blades go.
The wind stops. They, too, wait.
That is all they can do for without the wind what are they?
Lifeless, motionless, static, still…
They don’t proceed on their own…they follow wind’s will.
In my busy life…hustle, bustle…will I wait?
Can I, for even a moment, pause…hesitate?
On my knees, humbly seeking…silently listening, standing tall…
When I hear, when I feel, will I answer the call?
As the breath of God whispers, will I listen? Will I know?
Where His breezes blow me, will I willingly follow?
Will the blades of my heart turn when they are propelled to move?
They should readily revolve, spin, rotate… for to this world, what have they to prove?

-Amanda Almond, October, 2017



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